This website will provide a simple framework to help expand the number
of Americans who wish to find other like-minded individuals and form discussion groups of friends.

It has also been created to help expand the listenership of The Power
Hour with Joyce Riley since her program is among very few, and we feel, the best to present real and accurate news, provide relevant guests and to make available vital information unencumbered by an agenda-managed Big Media.

It is our goal to:

Foster a change of heart individually

A change in allocation of our time with regard to faith, family and
    civic responsibility

To inspire a true sense of individual worth that once made our
    nation great

To learn more about this non-organization, this national aggregation of friends, simply download our Friends of The Power Hour Meet Up Kit. You will learn what we believe, what we are and are NOT and the simple basics to get started. There will never be any dues, fees or anything you would recognize as a formal body.

Have fun, learn from others and help us to reawaken our amazing Representative Republic!

Listen to The Power Hour with Joyce Riley everyday
on from 7A.M to 10A.M. Central

The Friends of The Power Hour concept was created by Julie (with editing assistance from Nancy)
of Austin, Tx in the fall of 2013  They founded the first Meet Up group in December, 2013.
The Friends of The Power Hour website is maintained by the
Petermann Media Comapny, Pflugerville, TX
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